Our clients property was having a severe erosion problem due to rainwater running down a hillside at the back of the property. Every rainfall, the water would slowly erode down the back hillside creating a cavern by washing away topsoil, exposing tree roots, and causing a safety concern.

Jonathan Carr (project manager) came up with the best solution to the problem by creating a dry creek bed in the eroding area. It allows the water to flow freely down the creek bed and not erode the soil. The design also has a small retaining wall joined with the creek bed that contains a landscape bed. Additional downspout drains and catch basins are piped into the creek bed. The design allows the drainage solution to be attractive and complement the property.

A drainage system does not have to be just buried pipes to correct a problem. Soil erosion, wet areas, and swales can be transformed into a functional and attractive dry creek bed. Create a landscape feature that your family and friends will complement you on, while knowing it is serving a purpose for fixing a water problem.

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