Dap SmartBond Landscape Construction Adhesive

SmartBond™ Landscape Construction Adhesive offers increased ease-of-use and speed for laying blockwork in retaining walls, garden walls and water feature perimeters. It has an 8 minute open time, and exceeds ASTM C557.

Coverage: One 12 oz. can yields approximately 240 lin. ft. @ ½” bead

For Use On: Landscape blocks, brick, natural and synthetic stone, wood, concrete, treated wood and other hardscape materials.

Reusability: Connect the safety pin to the nozzle and the product remains reusable for up to 30 days.

* Landscape 8X comparison based on 12 oz. can versus 8-10 oz. cartridges. Landscape adhesive comparison also based on 1/4″ cartridge adhesive bead versus SmartBond™ ½” adhesive bead. SmartBond™ Landscape 12 oz. can yield: approximately 240 linear feet.

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