Drainage Systems for Landscape and Yard: Flo-Well and Pop-Up Emitters by NDS

Once you capture puddling water in your yard, NDS Flo-Well and Pop-Up Emitters help to discharge the collected water underground and curbside.

For more information on the NDS Flo-Well and Pop-Up Emitters as well as other NDS products please visit

Flooding caused by poorly draining landscape can cause water damage to your home. Proper use of a landscaping drainage system will reduce water flooding in your driveway, patio, or yard. The two most widely used components of the Discharge phase are the pop-up emitter and the Flo-Well. Proper use will both make for a more efficient drainage system as well as help protect the environment. This video shows hot to install a Pop-up Emitter and Flo-Well drainage system. For more information on drainage products, please visit Or, Are you a homeowner with drainage problems? Visit our website at

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