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For many residence in Houston drainage problems are regularly an issue. Typically, they are more of a nuisance, but they can be devastating, resulting in emergency home and property repairs that are very expensive.

When it comes to poor drainage for the homeowner, it is usually a result of improper grading or a landscaping deficiency. The terrain does not allow water to flow naturally and will infiltrate the soil. If the ground becomes completely saturated, the excess water will naturally pond in lower elevated areas making the yard become an unattractive muddy mess. When this occurs, it can lead to:
• Structural damage
• Soil erosion
• Plant and turf damage
• Fungus, mold and mildew
• Mosquito infestation

There are many leading factors to help identify Houston drainage problems around your home and yard:
• Individual observation
• Water that is standing a day after a hard rain or irrigation
• Yellowing of vegetation
• Islands of debris of leaves, pine straw, trash, etc.
• Mud and silt build up on sidewalks and other flat hardscapes
• Crawl spaces that are damp or wet

Houston Drainage is the perfect time when you are dealing with any landscaping project proper drainage is the foundation of the design project. Here at Earth Ideas Landscaping our experienced professionals will work to understand the underlying reason for your drainage issue. Once the problem is determined then they will devise a plan of action to redirect the water away from the problem areas. The severity and unique conditions of your individual drainage problem will result in our company recommending one of the following solutions or some combination:

• Downspout piping and drainage
• French drains
• Dry wells
• Catch basins and channel drains
• Grading/Swales
• Top soil placement

It is wise to always contact your local landscaping mavens and mavenetttes (Houston Drainage) at Earth Ideas Landscaping before making any changes to your landscape design. This will enable us to offer recommendations that will enhance your property while preventing troublesome drainage problems from occurring. The simple addition of dirt or soil to your yard can change the grade and result in drainage issues.

If you are, currently experiencing drainage problems then give the professionals a call and let the design team layout a plan of action to prevent further Houston drainage issues on your property. No one likes unnecessary puddles of water sitting around their home attracting mosquitoes so give Earth Ideas Landscaping a call at 713-462-4317. Our team can design a plan to keep your yard looking beautiful and inviting.

Houston Drainage

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Houston drainage

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