How do I prevent water puddling in my yard? NDS Yard Drainage Systems

NDS yard drainage systems help you protect your property from water damage by diverting runoff away from your home and landscape.

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Without the right drainage system, rainwater and landscape runoff can puddle in low spots in your yard, creating a muddy mess that can kill your grass and attract mosquitoes and other pesky insects. If left untreated, this drainage problem has the potential to grow, destroying your lawn and landscaping work, and potentially leading to property damage as the water makes its way to your home. Instead of using a properly installed drainage system, many homeowners try quick-fixes such as moving dirt or digging trenches, and end up dissatisfied because these approaches are most often ineffective and temporary. Installing an NDS drainage system such as Flo-Well and EZ-Drain can protect water from puddling in low spots in your yard. Flo-Well and EZ-Drain capture and retain excess surface water before allowing it to naturally percolate into the ground. With NDS you can create a lasting drainage solution easily and inexpensively. For more information visit

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