How to draw grass using pencil for landscape

In this video I am going to show how to draw grass using pencil. Grass is another important component of landscape drawing like trees, which is mostly used to fill bare lands. So if you want to learn landscape drawing, you better know how to draw grass. Here I am going to draw some short grasses on the ground around rocks. Rocks are there just to add more interest to the drawing. You can think of grass as nothing but a specific texture. So doesn’t matter whether it is tall or sort or thin or dense you can draw it using the same technique with little variation on the strokes. Here below are high level steps to draw it:

Draw outlines of some rocks as additional interest using 4B pencil.
Using same 4B pencil, add first layer/ preliminary layer of grass around rocks.
Now use a sharp 2B pencil and add final layer of grass. Use variation of strokes like sort, long, bending towards right, bending towards left, some darker than others.
After grass layer is done, add some shade on rocks using a 6B pencil.
Again using 4B pencil, add some grasses at distance and some flower on grass.
Some final touch, blend the shading on rock using pencil blender.
Clean pencil marking outside border and apply a farm border.

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