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Landscape Drainage Memphis TN Landscaping Drainage Problems and other home landscaping ideas requires careful observation and planning. With periods of drought as we’ve experienced in Memphis this year and during the summer months, together with the high rain fall during the late fall and winter, drainage can and often does present unique challenges for landscaping design projects both for commercial and residential landscaping conditions.

Experienced Landscapers such as Lawhon Landscape Design consider many factors when addressing the needs and challenges of your lawn and landscape needs. Foot traffic, automobile traffic, sunlight and other factors are just a few of the conditions that can greatly affect drainage in your landscaping project.

Landscaping job descriptions vary from from job to job. Each one presents a different set of challenges which must be carefully and thoroughly analyzed and planned both for today’s conditions and those which inevitably will occur in the future.This is why we’re just a phone call away at 901-754-7474 whenever you need help with your landscape designs. A well landscaped lawn not only brings peace of mind, years of worry-free enjoyment, it also saves you enormous time and and money.

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